How you can Join

Holmes County Chamber members are businesses, organizations, and individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of our community.  These groups have joined together because they stand a better chance of getting things done when speaking with a collective voice.  Chamber members can include the small hardware store on the corner, the mom-and-pop diner, the established bank downtown, franchise major retailers and the local baseball team.  There are no limits or restrictions on the number or kind of members that choose to get involved in a chamber of commerce.

Who Leads a Chamber?

A chamber of commerce is run by its members.  They elect a board of directors who determines policies and sets goals.  The executive board preside over all board meetings.  A chamber's day to day operations are handled by the Chamber Coordinator.  This person is a contracted individual.

What are the objectives of the Chamber?

The chamber keeps these broad objectives in mind as it works to improve a community's economy and quality of life:

  • Help Businesses Prosper and Grow

  • Increase job opportunities

  • Encourage an orderly expansion of development of all segments of the community

  • Improve quality of life in the community

  • Contribute to the overall economic stability of the community

ways you can Join:



Stop by our office at

106 E Byrd Ave Bonifay, FL   We would love to meet you!